Toray “NANODESIGN™” will amaze the world.

NANODESIGN™ is an innovative conjugate spinning technology
developed by Toray Industries, Inc (Toray).

Nano-level control of the fineness and shape of the synthetic fibers
enables functions, aesthetics and textures never seen before.

With this technology, Toray will create textile products
that will change the world.

How does NANODESIGN™ work?

NANODESIGN™ is inspired by innovative ideas. Read on to discover more.

Conventional synthetic fibers are produced by extruding polymer from a discharge hole.
The fineness and shape of the fiber is determined by the size and shape of the discharge hole.

Toray has developed a proprietary polymer extrusion technology.
The flow of polymer can be divided and controlled multiple times to make fibers that are up to 1/100,000 finer.

The precise nano-level control of the polymer flow enables us to create never seen before cross sections and polymer combinations.

What NANODESIGN™ can do

NANODESIGN™ makes it possible to create previously unattainable cross sections,
fineness and variations of synthetic fibers.

01 : Cross Section

By arranging fine polymers into a single fiber, distinctive cross sections can be created.

02 : Fineness

By dividing polymer flow up to 1/100,000 finer, we can create extremely fine fibers on a nanoscale level.

03 : Variation

By combining multiple polymers that were difficult to combine with the conventional method, we can create completely new multiple component fibers.

The future that NANODESIGN™ will bring

NANODESIGN™ will enable development of completely new textiles
that go beyond conventional functions and textures.

Pursuit of function and comfort

NANODESIGN™ will open the door to creating materials that do not yet exist with features such as super lightness, superior elasticity, and completely wrinkle free. This technology harbors the potential to achieve any function or level of comfort imaginable.

Beyond natural

Natural materials such as silk, leather, and wool have been an integral part of our lives since ancient times. NANODESIGN™ will enable the creation of materials that provide the comfort and familiarity of such natural materials, meanwhile adding the functionality, durability and processability of synthetics


Toray aims to create materials that enrich life by offering sustainability, functionality, beauty and comfort. Through recycling and the use of environmentally sustainable chemicals and polymers, Toray will provide solutions to the environmental challenges that face the globe.

Materials created with NANODESIGN™

NANODESIGN™ makes it possible to offer a diverse range of expressions.
See below to learn more about the next-generation of synthetic textiles that are precision-designed on a nanoscale level.

senbism™ UF

Crimping of super fine fibers was not possible until NANODESIGN™. Using the crimped super fine fibers, senbism™ UF offers a smooth beautiful surface, ample volume and a gentle luster for a completely new expression.

senbism™ KN

senbism™ KN is a synthetic textile that has the classy sheen and texture of silk. The delicate twists and fluctuations created between the fibers achieves the elegant gloss and crisp rustle that is beloved in silk. senbism™ KN is durable and easy to care for, allowing for a usage in a wide variety of applications that was not possible with silk.

senbism™ CM

senbism™ CM combines the classic texture and warmth of Japanese handmade paper with the durability and processability of synthetic textile. The hollow core cross section of the fiber creates lightness and sturdiness while also having the ability to retain various functional finishing agents. senbism™ CM is classic comfort created by modern nanotechnology.

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